Entertainment Agencies

Hi, does anybody know of any talent agencies based in Seoul or Korea in general; agencies that deal with working in Commericals etc rather then as a singer. I only know of singing agencies such as SM and JYP; but would like to go to Seoul and join up to work in CF’s. And act. Thanks . And so today I found out that… There’s a bunch of talent agencies: YG Entertainment (Koo Hye Sun, Heo Yi Jae, etc. ) J. Tune Entertainment (Lee Da Hee, etc) ISTAR (Lee Dong Gun, Kwon Sang Woo, etc. ) Eden 9 Talent Agency (Won Bin, etc. ) Yedang Entertainment (Han Ji Hye, Kim Ha Heul, etc. ) Namoo Actors (Moon Geun Yong, Kim Tae Hee, etc. ) Jump Entertainment (Lee Dong Wook, etc. ) F&C Music (Lee Jae Jin, etc. ) Sidus Entertainment (Kim Jung Hwa, Sung Yu Ri, Ji Jin Hee, Song Hye Kyo, Jang Hyuk, etc. ) Mentor Entertainment (Lee Joon Ki, Park Chae Kyung, etc. ) Barunson Entertainment (Son Yeh Jin, Park Sang Wook, etc. ) Boundaries of Forest (So Ji Sub, Bae Yong Jun, Park Ye Jin, etc. ) EYAGI Entertainment (Kim Bum, etc. ) 2step Entertainment (Kim Joon, etc. ) The Men Management (I’m Ju Hwan, Lee Min Ki, etc. ) Olive 9 Entertainment (Choi Ji Woo, Hwang Soo-jung, Chae Rim, etc. ) BS Entertainment (Kim Ji Ho, etc. ) Kraze Entertainment (Yoon Eun Hye, etc. ) Maruon Entertainment (Han Ye Seul, etc. ) and more And of course I only name any of the actors/actresses that belong to the companies. But any of the companies also have artists (singers) too like YG Entertainment, F&C Music, Sidus Entertainment, J. Tune Entertainment, 2step Entertainment, etc. Hope this helps a bit.