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I’ve never really been on a trip. I would like to plan a trip to New York City. Washington, DC is on the way to NYC so I should stop there too. So I want to drive from my place to Washington, DC (7 hours) and from DC to NYC (4 hours). I want to drive to DC, spend half a day there sightseeing. Then get a hotel in DC. Then wake up the next day and drive to NYC. Since I’ve never been on a trip, what should I consider for expenses? My list includes: – gas cost to drive to DC and then to NYC. – gas cost on the return trip. – gas cost while in DC and NYC. – hotel cost – food – entertainment (broadway show, etc. ) What else should be on the list. I think I found an answer. My family and I just went to DC a few weeks ago and half a day is not a lot of time for sightseeing there. If that is truly all the time you have for DC make sure to do research and make a list of all the places you really want to go. Also, a lot of places only have a certain amount of tickets for each day so if you do not get there early, chance are, you won’t be able to visit that particular place. A good way to get around in DC is the metro. We bought a day pass which is WELL worth the money. . For our family of 4 it was roughtly $35. 00 a day. Other ways to get around is doing a trolly tour those are always fun because you hear a lot about the places you are passing even if you do not actually stop there. Food is expensive in both cities but it is not that much more. Just depends on what you want to eat. A good way to save on a hotel is to go to hotwire. Com my family and I use that site all the time and we have ALWAYS had great rooms. One time when we went to DC we stayed in China Town right down the street from the Verizon center it was so nice but we did not expect to have to pay for parking at the hotel so that may be something you want to check into. Which is another thing to consider. . Parking. In DC we paid on average $20 for all day. We’ve been to NYC but pretty much everything seems to be in walking distance. You seem to be on the right track with your list. Just make a daily budget and try to stick to it. Have a great time.