The Entertainers

For example sales of Patsy Cline and Hank Williams records distributed and do their heirs get it or the record companies or is there any specific laws governing such things. Today I found out that… The entertainer is usually set up as a corporation before their death. After their death, the corporation continues on, garnering income from any sources which the artist would have, such as records, royalties, name endorsements, etc. It has already been noted that Elvis Presley has made more money after his death than before, the Presley Estate getting most of the income as an entity in itself. Their ESTATE, however is usually a different entity entirely. When an entertainer dies, they have their own personal wealth (money, investments, etc) which is left to the beneficiaries of their will. This is separate from the income of the corporation since the corporation is a separate entity from the Entertainer. One is an individual, the other is a company.