Dental Malpractice

dental work webDentists have the responsibility to dispense quality care to their patients just like other medical practitioners do. Unfortunately, sometimes a visit to the dentist may end up badly as you may be wrongly diagnosed or suffer harm from the procedure performed by the doctor. This may be a case of dental malpractice. For starters, dental malpractice happens when a dentist does not follow the generally acceptable practice in treatment or set standard of care. The irony here is that dentists will often remind their patients about good dental hygiene yet in their practice they are sometimes unable to keep dental instruments clean resulting in viral infections as well as spread of bacteria.

Dental negligence may include nerve injuries, failure to diagnose periodontal disease or oral cancer, extraction of the wrong tooth, unnecessary extraction of teeth, anesthesia complications, root canal injuries, crown or bridge complications as well as other complications that are directly linked to the dentist’s negligent actions or recklessness.

While Canada is known to be a world leader in provision of quality dental care, a number of cases of dental negligence have been reported across its different states. That is, damage to mouth, gums and teeth occur even in the best environment. The resultant long term dental problems, pain and suffering may call for financial compensation. This is because they are not only life altering but also expensive in the long run.

Causes of Dental Malpractice

In order for a case to qualify for dental negligence, there must be proof demonstrating lack of proper equipment among other reasons. The big question then is how do you determine that you can seek for compensation for dental malpractice? Dental negligence occurs where a dental health care provider such as orthodontist, periodontist or endodonist fail to diagnose or treat an oral health problem owing to failure to adhere to acceptable dental practice standards. This may give rise to pain, injury, wrongful death and discomfort. Some of the popular causes of dental negligence include the following:

  • Dental surgical errors
  • Delay or failure to diagnose an oral condition
  • Use of ill-fitting or defective dental device
  • Inappropriate or improper treatment of a dental condition
  • Complications of a root canal procedure
  • Complications of wisdom tooth extraction
  • Jaw, tongue or lip injuries arising from a dental procedure
  • Extraction of a wrong tooth
  • Unnecessary extractions
  • Negligence in the installation of crowns and bridges as well as resultant complications
  • Injuries due to anesthesia error

Although you may be entitled to compensation for dental malpractice, you must provide sufficient information supporting your claims. To put your case together, you will need the expertise of a Calgary Dentist Malpractice Lawyer. Get the best outcome for your claim and hire a law firm today.