Types Hardwood for Decks

Yellow-Balau-Deck webExotic hardwood is the perfect choice for outdoor decking. Strong, beautiful and resistant to molds, it’s no wonder that it is the most popular choice for decks.

When choosing to use exotic hardwood for your deck you will have many color and grain patterns to pick from. These varied choices make your deck extremely customizable and any deck will look classic and elegant when using these hardwoods.

Most exotic hardwoods have a lifespan of up to 50 years! Since it can stand the test of time, the price is a little more expensive than other wood choices but it will pay off in the long run because you won’t have to replace the wood for half a decade!

Exotic hardwood is perfect for any type of climate: from humid to wet and even dry. Even though it is so resilient, you should still seal the deck to prevent it from fading. However, if you don’t seal the wood it will weather into a silver patina which can also be eye catching.

These types of hardwoods are very easy to maintain and you don’t have to sand or strip the wood. Most exotic hardwood is sustainably harvested so you can feel good about purchasing wood from an environmentally friendly company.

Here are a few examples of exotic hardwood you could use for your decks:

  • Ipe Decking has a very tight grain pattern and is very dense. Its deep brown hue with red tints is a thing of beauty. Ipe is harder than teakwood and has a ripple pattern.
  • Yellow Balau ranges from purplish brown to a yellow brown hue but will deepen in color as it ages. Its fine texture and interlocking grains look great against the outdoors. It is also generally free of knots and imperfections.
  • Red Balau Batu has a pattern of tight grains and is mainly a deep mahogany color. It is very dense and naturally resists dents and scratches.
  • Dark Red Meranti comes in brownish tints and boasts coarse, interlocking grains. It is a clear grade wood, which means it is a high grade with a uniform color, and very easy to work with.

So consider using exotic hardwood when building your new deck. No other material will stand the test of time while still looking beautiful. And while it can be costly, choosing an exotic hardwood will increase the value of your home and pay for itself in the long run.